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What aircraft dispatcher do

By Federal Definition Aircraft Dispatchers are jointly responsible for preflight planning, delay, and dispatch release of a light in compliance with Federal Regulations and Airline's Operations Specifications.

Typical day of an Aircraft Dispatcher starts with briefing about flights that you will take over from current assigned dispatcher. Briefing will include anything from weather, maintenance status to ongoing situations like Air Traffic Control Programs and expectations.

Usually Dispatch Manager will assign flights to your position. You might have flights already flying and flights that will need to be planned. Fights airborne will have priority in case they need any assistance from you and in the meantime you will plan flights before departure.

Planning involves deciding on which route flight will take, you will make that decision on several factors including weather and other restrictions. You not only going to plan the route however you will also make sure flights are planned within airplane's limitations. You will be trained to understand all of it.

Monitoring flights involves sharing information with the crew like turbulence ahead, any traffic that might cause delayed arrival. You will assist flights in situations like holding dur to traffic or weather, planning diversion airport if needed. Your skills will come useful when assisting during abnormal operations including emergencies which takes all shapes from medical, mechanical or security reasons.

You will not be left alone to handle everything by yourself. You will have all resources needed to perform your duties from software, dispatchers sitting next to you to other departments at the airline which can assist in your decision making.

Flight Dispatcher Career can be very exciting and very rewarding. With great pay, more days off than typical job and airline benefits like free tickets provides great work life balance.

Don't stop here. Start your career today by reserving the spot.

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