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  • TAX Season 1098T
    Flight Innovation is Approved under Federal Requlations under 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 65. Flight Innovation, Inc. will not issue 1098T forms at the end of the year. IRS does not recognize Flight Innovation, Inc. as an Eligible Educational Institutin to participate in the Department of Education's Student Aid Programs as such requires minimum of 600 clock hours of training to admit students without an associate degree or equivalent. Our course was designed for anyone without any prior aviation experience or degree and provides 200 clock hours as required by Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Are the examination fees included?
    Examination fees are not included since our student have a choice when exam will occur. Written exams are usually around $150 Oral & Practical is approximately $400 Both of those fees are paid directly at the Testing Center.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    We are currently working on Payment Plan system. If you need payment assistance best choice would be local bank as those can offer a lot better repayment terms vs what we could offer at the moment. Local banks usually have deals on Credit Cards with no interest for 12 months. We are working on more options and when available it will be available on our website during Registration.
  • International Students
    We do not sponsor for Student Visa at the moment. There are certain limitations with regards to Tourist Visas which allow attending courses which do not lead to the College Degree. Please check with Immigration Attorney on your options.
  • Do I need Aviation Medical
    No, aviation medical is not required.
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