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How to become an Aircraft Dispatcher

To become an Aircraft Dispatcher your first step is to receive Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate.

Certificate and License is used interchangeably and means the same thing.

You could be hired by the airline within days of getting your license and your license is issued on the spot right after you pass final practical exam scheduled after the course.

Eligibility for Certificate is dictated by Federal Regulations as follow:

  • Minimum 21 years of age to go thru approved course.

  • Minimum 23 years of age to receive a certificate

  • English proficient

NO prior experience. Flight Innovation course was designed for anyone without any prior aviation experience. Although prior experience might qualify you for shorter course.

1. Your first step shall be to register for Flight Innovation FAA Approved Course.

(if you are an airline/military pilot, navigator or meteorologist you have additional options and Flight Innovation can help, give us a call/text/email to discuss).

The course normally takes 200 hours in total to be considered a "full" course approved by Federal Aviation Administration. There are cerein provisions which allows partial credit which cannot exceed 50% of the course.

That's where your prior experience comes in handy. Please give as a call/text/email for evaluation.

2. Pass the required knowledge test.

We will provide resources to study for the written test.

Written Exam is usually scheduled half way thru the course. You can study ahead for the test before the course and that just makes it easier for you.

3. Pass the Practical test.

Practical test will be coordinated after the course.

Start your career today by signing up for the course.

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